General Terms and Conditions


This document contains the Terms of Service for the use of the services provided by Canella 2011 LTD through the WWW.RAFFY.BG online ordering website (the "Terms of Service") and governs the relationship between Canella 2011 LTD and each of the users on the above mentioned website.
  1. е търговска марка на „Канела 2011“ ООД, което е търговско дружество създадено и действащо съгласно българското законодателство, вписано в Търговския регистър към Агенция по вписванията с ЕИК 201577793 и седалище и адрес на управление в гр. София, п. к. 1000, район „Средец‘, ул. „Рачо Димчев“ № 10.
  2. These General Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between CANELLA 2011 LTD, BG201577793, hereinafter referred to as PROVIDER, on the one hand, and the persons / USERS / using the site and the e-shop located on the Internet WWW.RAFFY.BG on the other hand, in connection with the services offered by the restaurant, namely: ordering and supplying food and drinks offered by the restaurant through the site WWW.RAFFY.BG or by phone.
  3. Users can register only able-bodied citizens over 18 years. In the case of incorrect information submitted on registration, Canella 2011 LTD is not responsible.
  4. ( е уебсайт (портал), чрез който в електронния си магазин ДОСТАВЧИКЪТ предоставя /продава/ предложените стоки /храна и напитки/ от разстояние след направена поръчка от страна на ПОТРЕБИТЕЛ.
  5. The display of a product in the e-shop is the SUPPLIER's offer and the USER's order for the product concerned is accepting the offer and signing a distance contract.
  6. The present GENERAL CONDITIONS, the terms, rights and obligations contained therein , bind all USERS using the site and / or created their profile on the Internet address GENERAL CONDITIONS are available on a website with an address WWW.RAFFY.BG in a way that allows their storage and reproduction. An electronic link to the website containing the text of these Terms and Conditions is located on each page of the Website WWW.RAFFY.BG .
By clicking on any button, link or object located on the pages of an internet address WWW.RAFFY.BG or made a first order by telephone, indicated on the same Internet address, the USER agrees and accepts in full and undertakes to abide by the GENERAL CONDITIONS. When registering an account, the USER with a tick in the "I agree with the Terms and Conditions" field declares that she is familiar with the Terms and Conditions and accepts them in full.
  1. These Terms and Conditions apply to the USERS who have placed orders for delivery on the Website WWW.RAFFY.BG
  2. The SUPPLIER has the right at any time to unilaterally change the type of goods offered on the site, their quantity and characteristics, the prices offered, discounts and promotions.
  3. THE SUPPLIER has the right at any time to unilaterally change the GENERAL CONDITIONS for which he undertakes to inform the USERS by publishing information at WWW.RAFFY.BG THE SUPPLIER is not liable if USERS have not become aware of subsequent updates of the published GENERAL TERMS.. ДОСТАВЧИКЪТ не носи отговорност, в случай че ПОТРЕБИТЕЛИТЕ не са се запознали с последващи актуализации на публикуваните ОБЩИ УСЛОВИЯ.
  4. The goods offered in the e-shop are delivered to the USER against the latter's obligation to pay the stated price.
  5. Предлаганите продукти и използваните консумативи и амбалаж за тяхното опаковане и доставка са биоразградими и не предизвикват замърсяване на околната среда и отговарят на всички изисквания за безопасност, поставени от българското законодателство.
  1. The site and e-shop can be viewed by visitors free of charge, without registration, thus using the following services, namely:
  • access to and use, subject to the terms of these Terms and Conditions, information resources, photo viewing, menu assortment available through the WWW.RAFFY.BG Website, and other content posted on the WWW.RAFFY.BG Website;
  1. The use of part of the Services on the WWW.RAFFY.BG Website is possible only after pre-registration, creation of USER's Profile and entering of username and password. Such are, but are not limited to:
  • the " Supply Orders" service , consisting in the provision of courier services and delivery at the address
  • On-Site Orders service - the order for goods to be personally picked up by the customer on site from any of Canella 2011 LTD facilities.
The above services may also be used by a non - registered USER as a "guest" in the system. In order to realize the delivery of selected products, the person gives the name, telephone, e-mail and delivery address. The system automatically creates a "guest user" by sending an e-mail message informing the person that it is possible to create a real account by entering a password in order to use the same for subsequent orders.
  1. In order to be able to use the services under item 13. of these Terms and Conditions, the USER must register in advance by filling in the relevant online registration form available on-line on the WWW.RAFFY.BG website.
  2. is done by filling in the registration form in real time by the USER. Fields that must be filled in are marked with an asterisk.
  3. By ticking the box "With n accordance'm Terms and Conditions" the user and "guest user" within the meaning of Item. 13 electronic statement within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, which declares that is familiar with the Terms of Service and accepts them in full.
  4. After the completion of the required fields and the acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions, a "user profile" / separate part is generated in WWW.RAFFY.BG, containing user information provided by him during his registration and stored by Canella 2011 Ltd., with access to the profile by entering a username and password. / The user profile allows the USER to view and edit the data entered during the registration to access his / her personal profile, change his / her password, subscribe, respectively discontinue the subscription to receive a newsletter, etc. /
  5. After the completion of the required fields and the acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions, a "user profile" / separate part is generated in WWW.RAFFY.BG, containing user information provided by him during his registration and stored by Canella 2011 Ltd., with access to the profile by entering a username and password. / The user profile allows the USER to view and edit the data entered during the registration to access his / her personal profile, change his / her password, subscribe, respectively discontinue the subscription to receive a newsletter, etc. /
  6. After a successful registration the USER receives an e- mail from the SUPPLIER confirming the registration made on the site.
  7. Registered USER has a personal account (account) through which it can monitor its orders as well as make reference to the history of orders that have already been delivered.
  8. USER agrees and declares that it will provide correct, accurate and up-to-date information when completing the registration form.
  9. The USER shall be obliged not to disclose the password to third parties and to immediately notify Canella 2011 Ltd. in case of unauthorized access, as well as in the event of the possibility of unauthorized access. The USER is required to take all care and to take the necessary measures that are reasonably practicable in order to protect his / her password and bears full responsibility for all actions performed by him or by a third party by using them.
  10. Canella 2011 Ltd. does not check and is not responsible for the match of the username with the name of the USER, whether it affects the rights of third parties and in particular the right to name or other personal rights, the right to a trade name (company) trademark or other intellectual property rights.
  11. Upon registration profile or sending order as a "guest user", the customer can by clicking on "I agree to receive commercial messages" to Yeah consent Provider sends the provided e- mail advertisements or other communications that directly or indirectly represent the goods, services or reputation of a person engaged in trade or craft activity or practicing a regulated profession.
  12. Any refusal to receive notifications within the meaning of item 24 may be made by the USER at any time by sending a free text message to the PROVIDER by e- mail : or by using the withdrawal form, available on the PROVIDER's site.
  13. При регистрацията ПОТРЕБИТЕЛЯТ  предоставя доброволно личните данни, изисквани от формата за регистрация. ДОСТАВЧИКЪТ може по всяко време да променя вида на изискваните лични данни за регистрация на сайта, само и единствено, ако това се налага от целта, за която се събират данните, съобразно действащото българско и европейско законодателство. Правилата и условията за работа с личните данни на ПОТРЕБИТЕЛИТЕ се съдържат в Политиката на поверителност и Правила за използване на бисквитки, които могат да бъдат намерени на сайта на ДОСТАВЧИКА
  1. For each item / service in the e-shop , in the "menu" section, the PROVIDER has to provide information about the price, the main features of the product / service and additional information to help make an informed choice by USERS when purchasing.
  2. Order can be made in one of the following ways:
  • Online order - at this one option USER creates a user profile once at
  • Shopping under phone - USER meters Auger Yes do directly its own order on phone specified on the order acceptance site, even if you do not have a profile.
  1. Each selected product is placed in the USER's virtual basket. Until the order is confirmed, the user can view and modify the ordered products, quantities, payment method and delivery, other details related to the specific order.
  2. Upon completion of the order by the USER, the PROVIDER confirms the same by sending a message to the e-mail address indicated by the user. The distance sales contract shall enter into force as soon as the PROVIDER has confirmed the order.
  3. Orders are accepted within the PROVIDER 's working hours described on
  4. To change the status of the order (confirmation, processing, sending, etc.), the PROVIDER informs the USER by e-mail. The status of the current as well as of the previous orders, the USER can keep track of his or her personal profile.
  1. All prices announced in the e-shop are in BGN (BGN), VAT included.
  2. Prices of the goods / services are displayed without the delivery price for which the SUPPLIER is obliged to inform the USER when the order is made.
  3. Цените на предлаганите ястия са показани без стойността на използваните за опаковането и доставката им консумативи (кутии, пликове, прибори и др.). Цените на съответните видове консумативи са посочени в ценоразписа на ДОСТАВЧИКА и се добавят автоматично към цената на всяко поръчано ястие при оформянето на крайната стойност на поръчката.
  4. Payment of products is made by the USER in one of the following ways:
  • Online with debit or credit card via virtual POS terminal. The bank cards you can make online payments are: VISA, MasterCard , Maestro.
  • Cash - Pay The h is accomplished in the time of delivery of the product / Titeni when courier visit indicated by the consumer shipping address and deliver product / Titeni the user. The price of the order is given to the courier or is paid on site at the restaurant when the order is taken personally by the customer .
  1. ПОТРЕБИТЕЛЯТ избира един от посочените в т. 35 начини на плащане. При избор на метод за плащане, различен от наложен платеж, ПОТРЕБИТЕЛЯТ се съгласява да заплати цената на поръчката авансово на посочената от ДОСТАВЧИКА банкова сметка.
  2. In the case of online card / debit or credit payments / the SUPPLIER is not and can not be held liable for any additional costs incurred by the USER including but not limited to the conversion fees applied by the card issuer bank , if the currency of its issue differs from BGN.
  1. Доставката се извършва на посочен от ПОТРЕБИТЕЛЯ адрес или при заявка от ПОТРЕБИТЕЛЯ, се взима от същия на място, от ресторанта.
  2. Стоката се предава на ПОТРЕБИТЕЛЯ или на трето лице, посочено от него.
  3. За трето лице се счита всяко лице, което не е титуляр на поръчката /ПОТРЕБИТЕЛ/, но приема стоката/услугата при доставка на посочения от ПОТРЕБИТЕЛЯ адрес за доставка.
  4. USER or the third one face are obligatory Yes sign documents accompanying the goods , where applicable.
  5. Разходите за доставката са за сметка на ПОТРЕБИТЕЛЯ, не са включени в обявената на сайта цена за конкретната стока, но се калкулират автоматично преди финализиране на поръчката.
  6. Разходите за консумативи за опаковане и доставка на поръчаното са за сметка на ПОТРЕБИТЕЛЯ, не са включени в обявената на сайта цена за конкретната стока, но се калкулират автоматично преди финализиране на поръчката.
  7. ДОСТАВЧИКЪТ има право да обявява на сайта си периодични кампании на промоции и/или отстъпки, в т.ч. и отстъпка при разходите за доставка или отстъпка при разходите за консумативи, а именно: същите да са за негова сметка съобразно условията на съответната кампания.
  8. With delivery on goods USER receives and accompanies document - fiscal buon / at cash / or invoice .
  1. USER has right under every time under its own own judgment Yes terminate use on provided from Canella 2011 LTD to servants , such as terminate registration yours on The website WWW.RAFFY.BG by sending an email to deactivate the User yours profile .
  2. От момента на прекратяване на регистрацията по реда на т. 46 Канела 201 ООД спира достъпа на съответния ПОТРЕБИТЕЛ до Потребителския му профил и има право да изтрие от сървърите си цялото разположено от него Потребителско съдържание, с изключение на информацията, която е задължен да пази по закон. Повече за това потребителят може да научи от нашата политика за поверителност.
  3. Provision the fact that subject of delivery are perishable products / food and beverages / , then the USER there is no right Yes spoof / cancel the order accepted by the PROVIDER under item 30. Exceptions are only allowed when the SUPPLIER has explicitly stated this in the form for generating and sending the order.
  4. USER has Right of Claim under Section IX.
  1. PROVIDER obliges Yes it is due care for provision of the USER quality services-r O p erations and goods / food and beverage /.
  2. In the event that the USER has given its consent under item 24, THE SUPPLIER there is right Yes sends commercial messages to CUSTOMERS, including through the " Electronic " service mail box "for purpose Yes suggested information and advertisements on their own goods and / orservices , yes does inquiries under different questions , yes conducts polls and more.
  3. THE SUPPLIER yours preserves right temporarily or permanently Yes ceases provision on specific servants in / goods available through The website WWW.RAFFY.BG, as let me know for this USER with message on Internet page.
  4. THE SUPPLIER there is right without notice Yes deactivated password for access to user interface profile USER if under judgment on SUPPLIER USER violates present General conditions . In this case, the registration of the USER is terminated.
  5. THE SUPPLUER has right to cancel an Order ,for example if Offer already is not available or if USER has provided wrong / not working phone number , or another information for contact , or in case on force majeure circumstances.
  1. ДОСТАВЧИКЪТ не носи отговорност при невъзможност за доставка, не по вина на ДОСТАВЧИКА и/или куриера (в случай, че няма никой на адреса и др. подобни).
  2. Лицето, извършващо доставката оставя известие, в което посочва телефон за връзка, на който ПОТРЕБИТЕЛЯТ следва да се обади в срок до 1 час, за да бъде уточнен нов срок за извършване на доставката. Ако в посочения срок не последва обаждане, поръчката се анулира.
  3. At provision on untrue data for delivery on product / address, name , telephone / and cancellation of order in the case of item 57 , all resulting from this costs are for account of the USER. For the amounts due, the SUPPLIER sends a payment request to the USER at the e- mail specified by him
  4. If the user does not pay to 1 month etching of the invitation under p. 58 costs incurred by the provider, the latter has the right to deactivate user name and password, and delete the profile.
  5. At mismatch between received and ordered products or emergence on inaccuracy under the fault of SUPPLIER A, then he pays a costs under thereafter return and replacement on non-compliant products.
  6. THE SUPPLIER does not wears responsibility for failure to provide on services at occurrence on circumstances outside his control - in cases on insurmountable force , random events , problems in the global network Internet and provision on services out of control on SUPPLIER , problems , due se on the USER's equipment as well as in case on unauthorized access or intervention on third parties in functioning on information system or servers on SUPPLIER.
  7. С приемането на настоящите Общи условия ПОТРЕБИТЕЛЯТ декларира, че осъзнава възможността за евентуални прекъсвания и друг вид затруднения при осъществяване на Интернет връзката до, които могат да възникнат независимо от положената от страна на ДОСТАВЧИКА грижа.
  8. ПОТРЕБИТЕЛЯТ декларира, че няма да претендира каквито и да било обезщетения от ДОСТАВЧИКА за пропуснати ползи, претърпени вреди или неудобства, вследствие настъпване на посочените по-горе прекъсвания или затруднения на Интернет връзката, включително и по отношение на капацитета на тази връзка.
  1. Claims from USER is submitted to the SUPPLIER only in written form by filling in the form for contacts or under e - mail , or under ordinary mail on address for contact , referred to in section I of these Terms and conditions.
  2. Claims se submitted after establishment on disadvantages from USER , describe se full and clear by stating the subject of the complaint, order number, preferred USER way to satisfy the claim, respectively the size of the amount claimed, and contact address. When submitting a claim, the USER must also attach the documents on which the claim is based, incl. receipt or invoice and other documents establishing the claim on grounds and size.
  3. The claim is made after the order has been delivered and the inconsistency of the delivered with the order has been detected.
  4. PROVIDER seen the complaint essentially in the possible shortest time , but no later from one week after receiving , for which it shall notify the USER in writing.
  5. Когато ДОСТАВЧИКЪТ удовлетвори рекламацията, той издава акт за това, който се съставя в три екземпляра, и предоставя задължително един екземпляр на ПОТРЕБИТЕЛЯ.
  6. About it is only reasonable to accept complaints where a poor quality product is delivered that is inconsistent with the one stated in the order and announced in the PROVIDER's menu.
  7. При получаване на поръчката на място, в ресторанта, ПОТРЕБИТЕЛЯТ следва да направи своите възражения в момента на получаване на стоката, предмет на конкретната поръчка.
  8. В случай, че същият получи храната/напитките без възражение, направените в последствие рекламации не се приемат за основателни от ДОСТАВЧИКА.
  9. In the event that the claim is deemed reasonable by the PROVIDER, the latter owes the refund of the order to the USER at a designated bank account or the use of a voucher for a subsequent purchase for a recognized claim amount.
  1. The web site WWW.RAFFY.BG contains authoring materials and texts, images, graphic logos, graphics owned by the PROVIDER pursuant to the Copyright and Related Rights Act.
  2. USER has access to the content in order to use it for personal needs in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and is not entitled Yes use , record , store , reproduce , modify , adapt or distribute public objects on intellectual property , which are its become available in the use on the servants.
  3. USER is not allowed Yes removes the characters for commercial brand and identity on another right on intellectual property from available his materials , regardless of whether the media on the respective rights are Canella 2011 LTD or another person.
  1. To resolve any misunderstandings and / or disputes relating to the delivery of the ordered product, the CUSTOMER may contact the PROVIDER on a telephone 0888372807 or e-mail :
  2. The competent authority for out-of-court settlement of a dispute between the PROVIDER and the CUSTOMER regarding the conclusion, execution, interpretation, non-fulfillment, termination of a distance sale contract is the CONSUMER PROTECTION COMMISSION More information about its the USER can find at the indicated Internet address.
  3. Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act and the Directive 2013/11 / EU, the USER has the option of alternative dispute resolution of consumer disputes with the Alternative Dispute Resolution procedure in the European Union through a European online dispute resolution platform (OPC). If you have an online purchase dispute, you can use the website .
  4. All outstanding issues in the present GENERAL TERMS apply the Bulgarian legislation in force.
Настоящите Общи условия са одобрени от управителя на Канела 2011 ООД на 20.01.2021 г. и влизат в сила от 20.01.2021 г.