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  1. Cookies
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  1. Performance and functionality cookies - Third-party cookies
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  • to collect information about how the visitors use our platform, so that we are able to maintain it in the best possible form and improve its services;
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If you delete these cookies, our platform will have very limited functionality and will not be able to function properly and provide you with good quality service.
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  1. Third-party functionality cookies
Some cookies are also created in connection with third-party tools that we have integrated into our platform. For example, Facebook APIs (the options for Facebook Login, Facebook Likes, etc.) and Google APIs (the options for Google Sign-In, Share on Google+, View on Map, etc. ) that can create cookies in order to function. These cookies are managed by the respective services and are not controlled by us. We cannot provide a technical option to disable them on our part. Therefore, if you do not wish them to be created, you should not use the abovementioned external tools integrated into our platform.
We process data about essential cookies like:IP address, location.
The data forwarded to third parties are used solely to provide you with the abovementioned services, such as an analysis tool for the purpose of collecting statistics and optimising our website, in order to provide you with relevant information.
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