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Raffy interior

Raffy Bar & Gelato is the result of a synergy of design, outstanding cuisine and live performance events, which to this day is unmatched in Bulgaria!

Raffy Bar & Gelato is one of the fastest-growing restaurant brands in Bulgaria. For our 6-year history, our sites in the country have grown to 11. Every year we add new restaurants to our portfolio, which testifies not only to the love of the clients for the brand but also to our aim for more efficient teamwork and better service to our clients.

Raffy Bar & Gelato Angel Kanchev is the first restaurant of our brand, which is hidden in the quiet streets of the city centre. It brings cosiness, comfort and a sense of friendly atmosphere.

A few steps away from the restaurant on Angel Kanchev St. is perhaps our most emblematic site. The one on Vitosha Blvd. It is in the ideal center of our capital. Most of the visitors there are foreigners, thats why we are paying very special attention to every single detail of the clients experience. Thus, we take the responsibility of contributing to Sofia's good image when people from all over the world visit the city.

On the second floor is the Raffy Terasa Bar - the jewel in the crown in Sofia’s night life. The combination of the two sites makes it a favorable place for young people. It is convinient to start the night at the restaurant and continue it at the club where we organize DJ parties every week. Our focus, of course, is not only on evening events. Our customers define us as a preferred place throughout the whole day.

Raffy Shipka is located at one of Sofia's iconic streets. Tucked away in the centre of the city, it is set in a very aristocratic and artistic place. We have captured this spirit into the design of our restaurant. This location is highly appreciated by the fans of the cozy atmosphere.

Our restaurants in the cities of Plovdiv, Blagoevgrad and Burgas are a natural continuation of our success in Sofia. Through them we reach brand fans from all over the country. By opening of more than one site in a city, we state that we are always developing. Plovdiv, Blagoevgrad and Burgas are also places with a great flow of students and young people. We chose these places with intent because we are guided by our vision that the main customers we aim to serve to are the young people.

We are family

100% of our restaurants in the country are family-owned businesses. Not only that, but you can find married couples to be a part of our team quite often. This is part of Rafi's spirit. That's why we welcome so many birthdays, anniversaries, betrothals, bachelor parties, weddings, baby showers christenings and family celebrations of all kinds.

We are family


The backbone of Rafi's team are the people who started this dream with us and are developing it with us to this day. To work on our dream together, it inspires and recharges us daily. Rafi is a modern, natural and transformative brand because it is built by the collective efforts of a team of individuals who love and believe in what they do.